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MEA – Maryland Home Energy Loan Program

 Home Energy Loan Program The following is an example of MHELP loans (at a 9.99% interest rate) available to Maryland property owners interested in improving the energy efficiency of their homes. For homeowners interested in installing solar panels, there are specialized banks providing loans as low as 2.99% APR. To inquiry about eligibility for those… Read More »

Some Like it Dirty and Expensive? Why?

With no out-of-pocket cost, you could have solar panels on your roof generating electric power at a lower rate than what you are paying your utility now.

You can choose to own the panels with zero down bank financing, or have SolarCity own and maintain the panels with a solar lease or Solar PPA (power purchase agreement). Either way, you’re protected.

Virginia: Solar Feed-in Tariffs

$ 1,000 sign up bonus + 2 cents / kWh premium on exported solar energy. See DSIRE site below for list of participating utility companies in the TVA Interconnect and participating solar installers. Incentive Amount:$1,000 upon installationYears 1-10: retail electric rate + premium paymentYears 11-20: retail electric rate2015 Premium Rates: $0.02/kWh Source: DSIRE

For Atlantic City Locals There’s a Zero Risk Bet Which Brought This Man $ 46,797

The Effects of Falling Solar PV Costs vs Value of Available Solar Incentives
If you are planning on going solar, you might be delaying your decision due to concerns about:
Falling Solar PV materials cost and Rapid advances in solar technology

Sample SolarCity Proposal for White Marsh, Maryland

Sample Solar Proposal for White Marsh, Maryland Click here for a sample solar proposal for White Marsh, MD. Click here to request a no-obligation, free solar proposal customized for your home. Note: On slide # 27, adjust the slider to 2.9% to account for electricity rates keeping up with inflation (in reality the rate increases exceed inflation, but… Read More »

Oakland Mills High School Booster Club SunRaising – Request Information Here


$ 200 per solar installation to Oakland Mills Fine Arts Booster Club
$ 100 per solar installation to Oakland Mills Booster Club

Vernon Foye Solar Home – SMECO Bill 62% Lower

Vernon Foye, a solar customer with two solar homes, has enjoyed 4 months (March, April, May and June) with a net SMECO bill, and at least 50% reduction in utility costs during the summer months. These are fantastic results for a large, all-electric home. How does he get 4 months of zero-cost utility bills over… Read More »

PEPCO Owes This Customer $ 282 for Her Solar Energy

Connie Folk Doesn’t Miss PEPCO Since Going Solar Hasn’t Had to Pay Her Bill in Months! Connie Folk lives in Washington, DC and her electric utility services are provided by pepco. She chose to switch to cleaner, more affordable energy through SolarCity about 2 years ago, and since then, hasn’t heard from pepco as much… Read More »

Energy Information Agency Exposes Your Real Energy Rates

The link below and the attached document show government-generated data exposing the average rate paid by customers in Maryland: Energy Information Agency Rates for Maryland (See the sneak peek image below.) The Energy Information Administration demonstrates here that the average rate is over 15 cents / kWh. So why do the BG&E and pepco bills show… Read More »

Selling Your Home With a Solar System

As a SolarCity Field Energy Consultant, I always hear concerns about selling a house with a 3rd Party Owned Solar System (A Solar PPA and Solar Lease are two types of 3rd party owned solar systems). Prospective solar customers frequently ask:  “What if my home buyer doesn’t want the panels?” My answer to that question… Read More »

SOS Rates What is Your Real Electric Power Rate?

Standard Offer Service Rates Your price to compare is: XXX Your utility company just told you your rate is published on your bill under the Standard Offer Service Rate, or “Rate to Compare.” How do you know if that is the true cost of your electric power? Is the generation rate what you are paying?… Read More »