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Prince George’s County Solar Property Tax

Prince George’s County offers the following solar property tax credits for solar PV (photovoltaic) systems (creating electric power, not heat) Up to $ 5,000 credit for purchased or bank financed solar PV system; Other incentives are available for solar thermal (example – solar water heater), geothermal and other renewable energy products. For information about anything… Read More »

republicEn | Energy Optimists – Climate Realists

I agree with this Republican platform, but if we remove “subsidies” for solar energy, then let’s remove ALL energy subsidies. Solar will compete very well with coal generated electric power in a country with no energy subsidies at all! We are 2279 Americans educating the country about free-enterprise solutions to climate change.Members of republicEn are… Read More »

Some Like it Dirty and Expensive? Why?

With no out-of-pocket cost, you could have solar panels on your roof generating electric power at a lower rate than what you are paying your utility now.

You can choose to own the panels with zero down bank financing, or have SolarCity own and maintain the panels with a solar lease or Solar PPA (power purchase agreement). Either way, you’re protected.

Virginia: Solar Feed-in Tariffs

$ 1,000 sign up bonus + 2 cents / kWh premium on exported solar energy. See DSIRE site below for list of participating utility companies in the TVA Interconnect and participating solar installers. Incentive Amount:$1,000 upon installationYears 1-10: retail electric rate + premium paymentYears 11-20: retail electric rate2015 Premium Rates: $0.02/kWh Source: DSIRE

Solar Electric Systems Positively Impact Home Values: Appraisal Institute – AI News Releases – News | Appraisal Institute

Solar Electric Systems Positively Impact Home Values: Appraisal Institute CHICAGO (Oct. 31, 2013) – The nation’s largest professional association of real estate appraisers today announced that solar photovoltaic systems typically increase market value and almost always decrease marketing time of single-family homes in the Denver metropolitan area.The Appraisal Institute partnered with the Colorado Energy Office… Read More »

Up to $ 5,000 in Baltimore County Solar Property Tax Credits!

Up to $ 5,000 in Baltimore County property tax credits! Regardless of whether you bought or lease your home’s solar power system, or even if you entered into a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with SolarCity, you are eligible to receive up to $ 5,000 in property tax credits from Baltimore County. You will need to… Read More »

PEPCO Owes This Customer $ 282 for Her Solar Energy

Connie Folk Doesn’t Miss PEPCO Since Going Solar Hasn’t Had to Pay Her Bill in Months! Connie Folk lives in Washington, DC and her electric utility services are provided by pepco. She chose to switch to cleaner, more affordable energy through SolarCity about 2 years ago, and since then, hasn’t heard from pepco as much… Read More »

SOS Rates What is Your Real Electric Power Rate?

Standard Offer Service Rates Your price to compare is: XXX Your utility company just told you your rate is published on your bill under the Standard Offer Service Rate, or “Rate to Compare.” How do you know if that is the true cost of your electric power? Is the generation rate what you are paying?… Read More »

Fix Your Power Rates – For 20 Years!

  Tired of Yearly Power Rate Increases? Tired of Re-negotiating Your Energy Contracts? Then do it ONE LAST TIME, but make it good! Click There ===> Have you received a terrific offer from a third party electric supply company (ESCO) claiming they can save you money on your energy bill? So you’ve compared their rate… Read More »