Selling Your Home With a Solar System

By | May 30, 2015

As a SolarCity Field Energy Consultant, I always hear concerns about selling a house with a 3rd Party Owned Solar System (A Solar PPA and Solar Lease are two types of 3rd party owned solar systems).

Prospective solar customers frequently ask:  “What if my home buyer doesn’t want the panels?”

My answer to that question ranged from:

“Who wouldn’t want to buy a house which has cheaper utility costs?”


“The Realtor gives the homebuyer a list of houses to look at before visiting. A homeowner will see features like ‘solar’ or ‘pool’ right in the listing and decide up front whether to visit the house and make an offer or not, but probably won’t make an offer and say ‘take down those solar panels because I don’t want a discount on the energy I need to buy.”

So I was a little nervous as my first of over 100 solar customers decided to sell their house.

The first email I received was in response to my question “so where are you moving?”

Fast Selling Solar Homes

Fast Selling Solar Homes


It sounds like the home sale was NOT held up by the solar panels.

Later, when following up whether this customer received his transfer paperwork from SolarCity, I received this reply:

SolarCity Makes Selling a Solar Home Easy

SolarCity Makes Selling a Solar Home Easy

2 thoughts on “Selling Your Home With a Solar System

    1. Dennis

      That’s right! Part of the reason buyers pay more for homes with solar is because home appraisers now appraise solar homes higher than non-solar homes, which is true for any modification you make to your home which saves energy and money.

      Banks recognize that the savings on energy translates into more expendable income which means buyers can qualify for a higher mortgage because what they would have been paying for energy can now go towards higher monthly mortgage payments.

      People who buy a solar home can qualify for a larger house!

      Sellers who put solar on their homes can qualify a larger number of buyers = faster and more profitable sale!

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