Oakland Mills High School Booster Club SunRaising – Request Information Here

By | November 29, 2016

SolarCity has started making donations to Oakland Mills HS Booster Clubs and wants to continue. We need some help.

Please request information below on how SolarCity supports both the Oakland Mills HS Booster Club and Fine Arts Booster simultaneously while saving you money on something you use every day: Electric Power.

People are choosing solar energy over their utility’s coal-power electric supply because it’s cheaper, cleaner and more predictable. So many homeowners, including people you know, are going solar anyway, so wouldn’t it be better if they go solar through your school’s fundraising program to benefit two of Oakland Mills Booster Clubs? This program actually gives the family choosing solar one additional benefit: A free month of energy, in addition to the donations SolarCity will give for every installed customer as follows:

$ 200 per solar installation to Oakland Mills Fine Arts Booster Club
$ 100 per solar installation to Oakland Mills Booster Club

To qualify, each potential solar customer needs to submit their information through the form below. They will receive a no cost, no obligation report on how much they can save by leasing or purchasing a solar power system, either way, with zero cost out of pocket. Each candidate is able to change their minds at any point right up to the day of installation without incurring a single penny of cost

Do you know anybody who might be interested? Ask them first, then submit their information into the form below. How about you?

A great way to help out is to share this site on Facebook, Twitter or email it to your friends. We’ll do the rest of the work.

You’ll find the form after the 3 videos (the 2nd one will send chills down your spine: “Racing Extinction” It appears after you hit the LIKE button.)

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