Some Like it Dirty and Expensive? Why?

By | January 27, 2017


Expensive and Dirty Power!

By using BG&E standard offer service, the mix of energy you receive contains only 4.36% renewable energy, and of that, only 0.07% is from solar.

You could increase that to 50% renewable energy by paying a 3rd party supplier a premium, sometimes over 10% higher than the coal-generated standard, in order to protect the environment, but most people don’t want to spend more for their energy.

That’s where SolarCity comes in. 

With no out-of-pocket cost, you could have solar panels on your roof generating electric power at a lower rate than what you are paying your utility now.

You can choose to own the panels with zero down bank financing, or have SolarCity own and maintain the panels with a solar lease or Solar PPA (power purchase agreement). Either way, you’re protected.

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Solar Ambassadors

Your Current Expensive, Dirty Energy

Cheap, Clean Energy

You Can Choose Cheap, Clean Energy








Note: If you choose to move forward and install your solar power system, a Maryland Public School’s Booster Club will benefit from a donation from the installer. We would be glad to setup a similar program for your school, PTA, Church or similar non-profit organization. Please contact Dennis Meizys to learn more:


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