SolarCity Ambassador Program – Earn Rewards for Your Solar Referrals

Start Your Solar Business Here Without Cost 

Earn $ 200 for each of your qualified residential solar referrals that gets installed!

SolarCity Referral Program
SolarCity Referral ProgramClick Here to Join

  • Earn $ 200 for each personally referred residential solar customer;
  • Earn $ 100 for each solar customer one of your ambassadors refer;
  • Earn $ 50 for each solar customer their ambassadors refer;

Be a part of Solar’s exponential growth! There will never be another time like this in history!

Would you like to run a business that:

  • Protects the environment by helping others switch to clean energy?
  • Saves your friends money by freeing them from the utility monopoly which has them locked in a lifetime contract without rate control?
  • Allows you to capitalize on solar’s exponential growth JUST BEFORE IT GOES VIRAL?
Join SolarCity Ambassador Program
Click Here to Become a SolarCity Ambassador

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  1. Jason Xu(Mr.)

    Zhejiang Sidite New Energy Co.,ltd
    Add: Industrial Zone,Yuxin,Jiaxing City,Zhejiang Province,China( near Shanghai city)

    Tel : +0086 0573 83225522
    Fax: +0086 0573 83225533
    Mobile: +86 189 67300363
    Skype: sidite01

  2. Jason Xu You are selling cheap solar panels?

  3. Ours are free. Our customers only pay for the energy our panels produce, and at much lower rates than their utility charges them.

  4. Do you have distributors in Mxico? or we can be distributors of your products in the Mexican Republic?


  5. Do you have distributors in México? or we can be distributors of your products in the Mexican Republic?


    • Hola Jorge,

      Thank you for your interest in Solar Energy and specifically for your interest in SolarCity.

      SolarCity has acquired ILIOSS in Mexico. Please direct your inquiry to ILIOSS as they would have the best, up-to-date information for you on opportunities for cooperation.

      Please see SolarCity’s press release on the acquisition at the following link:

  6. Question: We have your solar panels but they might not be enough. Right now we pay 15c per KW if we expand can we still pay for the total at 15c which is what we were told at the beginning or are we on a two scale payment plan -- one at 15c and the added panels at whatever the new rate is?

    • Hi Ted, I referred your question in a private email to your original consultant. If for some reason, you don’t receive a response, please contact me and I’ll send you alternate means of contact with him.

  7. I have registered to be an ambassador, however I can not log on to my account. Im am trying to RESET MY PASSWORD!!!!!!. and I am not able. I want my account to be set up on my account but I am not able… I have made numerous phone calls to customer care . They have not been able to help me… please call and walk me through… I have questions Monica Harger 916 607 9980

    • Hello Monica, Sorry you were having trouble contacting the Solar Ambassador team at SolarCity. During our phone call you mentioned that your son works as a solar consultant?

      Your referral account is setup under Christopher Chelgren. Is that your son?

      I work in the same position as Christopher Chelgren and I do not have the ability to fix issues with the Solar Ambassador program other than to setup Ambassadors under myself for my team’s benefit. I did the best I could but I could tell that you were frustrated with my inability to assist you, but Christopher has the same job responsibilities as I do and I am wondering why you could not refer to him for help, especially considering that he would be the beneficiary of your referrals and not me, yet I tried to assist you to the best of my ability.

      I am glad that Christopher finally figured it out for you.

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