SolarCity Ambassador Program has Launched!


Start Your Solar Business HereĀ 

Earn from $ 250 for each of your qualified residential solar referrals that gets installed!

SolarCity Referral Program
SolarCity Referral Program – Click Here to Join
  • Earn $ 250 for each personally referred residential solar customer;
  • Earn $ 100 for each solar customer one of your ambassadors refer;
  • Earn $ 50 for each solar customer their ambassadors refer;

Be a part of Solar’s exponential growth! There will never be another time like this in history!

Would you like to tell your family that:

  • You helped protect the environment by helping others switch to clean energy?
  • You helped others save money by freeing themselves of the utility monopoly?
  • You saw the opportunity to capitalize on solar’s exponential growth right before the peak occurred?
Join SolarCity Ambassador Program
Click Here to Become a SolarCity Ambassador

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