Hammond High School Earth Day Greenfest

Hammond High School

Support Hammond High School

Support Hammond High School and…

Protect the Environment!

  • You save money on energy with a no cost solar system through the Solar PPA model;
  • Hammond High School Environmental Club Receives $ 250 – $ 400* from SolarCity
How Much Can Solar Save You?

How Much Can Solar Save You?

Attendees at Hammond High School Greenfest who request a savings analysis from SolarCity either online at this link, or at our table at the event, and choose cleaner, more affordable energy with a solar system which is financed 100% by one of SolarCity’s finance partners, can be proud that they have:

  1. Supported Hammond High School Environmental Club;
  2. Prevented the release of 10,000′s to 100,000′s of lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere;
  3. Reduced our dependence on dirty coal and hazardous nuclear energy;
  4. Potentially saved thousands of dollars in energy costs over the term of the agreement.

Want to learn more about the benefits of solar now and still support Hammond High School? Click here to fill out our contact request form for a no obligation analysis of how much money you can save with a no cost solar system! Hammond High School will get credit for inquiries via this portal.

Hammond High School Green Fest

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 Click Here for a Free No-Obligation Solar Savings Analysis


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